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This document has been prepared to help provide you with information about Acleara™ Acne Clearing System of the skin, its risks, and alternative treatments. It is important that you read this information carefully and completely.

Acleara™ Acne Treatment

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most common skin condition in the USA. In South Africa, acne is equally as common.

Between the ages of 11 and 30 years, approximately 80% of all people suffer from some form of acne. For some people, the problem persists into their 40`s and beyond. Various acne treatments are available, mostly medicine that has to be taken orally or used topically for extensive periods of time.

The doctors at NoviSkin proudly present an alternative treatment to combat mild to moderate acne with the Acleara™ Acne Treatment System. This is a system powered by a vacuum and filtered broad band intense pulsed light technology.

This is a cosmetic procedure and will not be covered by your medical aid.

What are the benefits of using acne treatment?

  • A clearer skin.
  • Clinical, significant acne clearance.
  • A comfortable, well-tolerated and safe procedure.
  • Results are seen within a week or two. This is a major advantage for the patient with an upcoming social event or for the patient with only periodic acne flare-ups.
  • No downtime.
  • Non-invasive, comfortable and fast procedure.
  • Far less painful than other topical vacuum and light-based treatments available.
  • Eliminates or drastically reduces the need for oral acne medicine.
  • All skin types can be treated, from very fair to dark skin.
  • Results are seen in a relatively short time-span.
  • No anaesthesia is required.
  • The face or back or both can be done.
  • No adverse effects have been described during or after treatment.
  • No sensitivity to sunlight after Acleara™ is experienced as with many other acne treatments.
  • Secondary effects of acne such as redness, skin colour changes and scarring all improve significantly.
  • Long-term results are good with only a small group of patients developing partial recurrence 3-6 months after treatment.
  • You may continue any other medical treatment prescribed by your doctor while doing the Acleara™ Light Treatment. Sometimes the Acleara™ treatment will be done on its own, without additional medical treatment.

Some patients continue the Acleara™ Acne Treatment instead of their regular facial because of the beneficial photodynamic effect of the light on the skin. The Acleara™ is very effective in treating patients who only have black comedones, e.g. on the nose. Speak to the therapist to ask about the cost of this treatment limited to, for example, the nose. During your acne treatment, protective eye shields will be applied to your eyes.

Alternative Treatments

There are countless acne treatment options available to the public. Some alternative treatments can include:

  • Medication
  • Facials
  • Chemical peels
  • Products


It is advised that you do not undergo Acleara™ Acne Treatment should you be affected by any of these contra-indications:

  • Cancer or metastatic disease
  • An active infection
  • A low platelet count
  • Pregnancy
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Poor wound healing or Keloidosis
  • Patients on anti coagulants
  • Skin cancers

Risks / Side Effects

Bruising, “hickies” or “love-bites”, redness and slight inflammation resolves within 24 – 72 hours.

A very rare complication is scaring.

Explanation /Procedure

The Acleara™ has been FDA cleared to treat mild to moderate acne, comedonal acne and pustular acne.

An Acleara™ Acne Treatment consists of a chemical peel to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, alternatively, if a chemical peel cannot be performed, a special steamer is used to open up the pores. The Acleara™ has a vacuum that clears the build-up of sebaceous material in the pores. At the same time, the sebaceous glands undergo targeted heating with a broadband-pulsed light.

Different spot sizes can be used to treat the face or the back for faster acne treatment based on the treatment area. Duration of treatment of the face is only 15 minutes. In our NoviSkin practice, we may add the use of glycolic acid peels to enhance the effect of the Acleara™. This will add to the treatment time.

Advanced, special treatment modes are available for sensitive skin types.

Pre and Post Care Instructions

  • Your first acne treatment takes about 40 minutes as before photos are taken to keep a progress record and you may also be given a chemical peel or facial steam.
  • Your second treatment onwards is generally about 30 minutes.
  • You will be required to also purchase a cleanser, moisturizer and night treatment, which, if used correctly, should last you about 2 to 4 months if only the face is treated. NoviSkin has a Blemish Prone Pack available specifically put together to treat oily/problematic skins. The correct use of the correct products at home will not only enhance the effects of the treatment but further treats the skin daily which is as important as having the procedure done. The combination of the Acleara™ Acne Treatment and the correct protocol will provide optimal results.
  • There is no need to take time off work/school after the treatment.
  • You will need about 6 treatments, which are scheduled for every 7-14 days depending on your degree of acne.
  • Repeated acne treatments, usually done monthly, may be needed in the future.
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