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This document has been prepared to help provide you with information about Fraxel™ laser treatment, its risks, and alternative treatments. It is important that you read this information carefully and completely.

Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments have been used by plastic surgeons and other physicians for many years. Laser energy can be used to cut, vaporize or selectively remove skin and deeper tissues. There are many different methods for the surgical use of lasers.

Traditional laser skin resurfacing treatments (using CO² and Erbium lasers) involve ablative techniques, resurfacing broad areas of skin. These carry a high-risk profile, procedure problematic side-effects and entail prolonged post-operative healing and recovery times. Non-ablative techniques (using various other lasers or Intense Pulsed Light) carry fewer risks but generally produce only limited improvement.

Fraxel™ laser treatment is a new approach, using fractional photothermolysis, providing many of the benefits of invasive skin resurfacing treatments performed with traditional devices, but with fewer side-effects and less recovery time.

Fraxel™ laser treatment is used to treat conditions such as fine wrinkles, fine lines, surface roughness, acne scars, enlarged pores, brown spots and pigmented lesions.

Explanation /Procedure

Fraxel™ laser treatment procedures require multiple treatments over a period of several months. Photographs may be taken to document the changes that take place. With your consent, these photos may be used for publication or presentation in a scientific journal or lecture; however, your name will remain confidential.

You will be interviewed to obtain information regarding your medical history, and a clinical examination will be conducted to assess your skin type and to determine if you are a good candidate for this treatment.

  • Prior to treatment, you will be asked to remove any make-up you are wearing.
  • The area to be treated will be anesthetized with topical numbing cream.
  • Following your treatment, you will experience swelling, redness and flaking similar to moderate sunburn for 3 to 14 days.
  • The use of a sun screen is a must after any laser treatment.
  • Light flaking or peeling of the skin may also occur.
  • The use of moisturizers and make-up can help mask the appearance of flakiness and redness, however, please i