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In today’s fast-paced world it would be naive to think that men are not as concerned about their appearance as women; quite the contrary, in our experience. Over the last few years, we at NoviSkin have seen a steady increase in male treatments. So much so that we would like to share a page with you about the differences between male and female treatments and of course the most commonly requested treatments from our male patients.

The aesthetic difference

Unlike women, most men do not want to remove all their wrinkles; rather they enjoy the rugged appearance. Men do, however, most commonly request to appear rested, relaxed and comfortable, and our treatments for men can be tailored to suit each request. The reason for most men give when undergoing these treatments is career advancement but there are also socially aware patients that undergo treatments for appearance only.

Move over ladies, this is not a woman-dominated arena anymore!

The common male treatments at NoviSkin


Botulinum Toxin is by far and away the most popular male treatment, so much so we have nicknamed it Bro-tox. Male skin is thicker than a women’s and therefore treatments often require a few extra units. Men most often request the forehead to be treated, but at NoviSkin we regularly treat the normal treatment areas in the male patient: