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NoviSkin offers array of non-surgical aesthetic enhancement options that can be described as part of a Mommy Make-Over. Our treatment options are designed to provide effective, natural results that offer minimal downtime, no lengthy surgery and absolutely no scars.

Mommy’s, New Mommy’s and soon to be Moms!

We at NoviSkin understand that these phases in your life require very different treatments. You may be finished with having children and want your body back, you may be tired from raising an infant and simply need a pick me up, or you may just want to keep your skin in the best shape waiting for your little bundle of joy to arrive

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Your baby is of utmost importance to us at NoviSkin. We know as there are many mothers that work here. We offer various treatments to cater for mothers wanting to maintain their skin during pregnancy and breast-feeding:


Pigmentation, acne and melasma are common during pregnancy and child rearing due to hormone imbalances. Our NoviSkin Vita C Peels have no affect on your baby or breast milk but they will help eradicate pigmentation problems and breakouts. Although they are not likely to cure the problem based on your fluctuating hormone levels, the Vita C Peels will keep you looking your glowing best.


We cannot stress how important homecare is during pregnancy and after childbirth. We would however recommend you visit on of our doctors to have the best homecare products prescribed to suit your skin type and keep your baby protected.

Stretch marks

We don’t know of a single woman who would want to keep their stretch marks, and unfortunately not many women know that there is an effective treatment option on the market today. Rapid stretching of the skin causes stretch marks and therefore it is not uncommon for pregnant women to develop stretch marks in the abdomen, thigh and buttock area. Combining specialised treatments and using the correct homecare products will help to get rid of those unwanted red and/or white lines.


Pregnancy pigmentation is a very common problem. Hormones during pregnancy play havoc with your skin but sometimes your skin does not correct itself following childbirth. Unlike Vita C Peels that we use while pregnant or breast-feeding, we at NoviSkin can offer some more intensive pigmentation treatments and products once you have finished breast-feeding.

Leg veins

Hormones, increased pressure and water retention from pregnancy all add to the risk of developing spider veins as well as varicose veins. In most cases varicose veins are not dangerous but they do make individuals self-conscious. We at NoviSkin offer a few treatment options to be rid of your varicose veins based on your needs, budget and expected outcomes.

Non-Surgical Mommy Make-Over

If you have finished breast feeding and want to get your skin and body back into shape but are not keen on surgical intervention, then we at NoviSkin have some options for you too.